There are plenty of interesting places to visit in and around Fuengirola.

Sohail Castle

This Arabic castle at the end of the sea front promenade which was restored in the 18th century displays features from three different historical periods. It is called Sohail Castle because the writer Abderramain ben Alhasam Sohaile was born here. It is square in construction with large towers at each end fortified and a majestic keep situated in the centre.

Constitution Square

It received it’s present name in 1841. The famous tree known as Arbol de las pelotillas” also remarkably dates back to that time and stands proudly opposite the Rosario Church. The square is one of the busiest shopping areas in Fuengirola, lined with prestigious shops of every description together with restaurants of every ethnic group imaginable.

Fuengirola Marina

Fuengirola has one of the finest marinas on the Mediterranean, situated in the centre of the recently refurbished Paseo Maritimo Rey de España and allows both visitors and users alike all the comforts and facilities you would expect from a first class facility. The quay side is lined with Restaurants and Bars of every description which sit side by side with service companies that supply this bustling metropolis.

Fuengirola Beach

Located between Los Boliches and Santa Amalia and next to the leisure harbour it is in fact quite narrow, some 30 metres wide in fact. The busiest section is without doubt the section in the town centre when in the height of the holiday season becomes extremely busy, however a five minute walk in either direction from the port will ensure you more space and comfort.

King of Spain Promenade

One of the longest sea fronts on the Costa del Sol being approximately 7 kilometres in length and stretches from Sohail Castle to Los Boliches. Along it’s length you will find numerous famous monuments including the “Fisher” monument and coin statue. Chiringuitos restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, and of course the fishing port and marina. The perfect place to sit and relax, eat or simply stroll in the evening.

Fish Alley

Situated in the centre of the town running from Constitution Square parallel to the sea front is a myriad of restaurants catering for every conceivable taste known as “Fish Alley” This maze of Restaurants, Cafe’s and Bars is a must for any visitor to Fuengirola.

Roman Site

Discovered in 1970 during the building of a new railway line when during one of the many excavations on the site a series of valuable archeological remains were found, the most important of which being a Roman sculpture of the second century now known as the “Venus of Fuengirola” which is on display in the Fuengirola Town Hall.

The site is estimated to belong to a time between the end of the first century and the middle of the forth. Recent excavations on the site have unearthed a complete industrial area identified to be a factory for salting fish.